Here are the Cleavage Selfies Women are Sending Piers Morgan

I’ve never heard of anybody taking a stand against boobs before.

After Piers Morgan called out Susan Sarandon for wearing something cleavage-revealing at the SAG awards, she tweeted him this, like a fucking boss.

Which has led to woman all over the internet taking Sarandon’s side by tweeting him even more pictures of their cleavage. Forreal.

There is a f**k ton of them.

Piers Morgan is truly the first man on earth to get this salty about being sent lots of pictures of boobs. Look at this.

Wow. Poor Piers Morgan. Let’s start a charity to help.

Yeah, because guys totally have tits. What does this even mean? Crawl back into your bitter titty-hating hobbit hole, Piers.

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Jeff Zakany
Jeff Zakany
7 years ago

“If guys did that to a feminist writer she’d scream for their arrests.
I just laughed.”

This shows you just how clueless Piers Morgan is. He’s comparing himself to feminist writers. My dear Piers, feminist writers stick up for women’s rights. You were not sticking up for men’s rights or anyone else’s rights. You were insulting someone. You deserve to get mocked. If a feminist writer attacked someone who was undeserving, they would get called out, too.


7 years ago

She looked tacky wearing that outfit to present the “In Memorium” segment of the show. She wouldn’t wear that to her Mother’s funeral.