Idris Elba Broke Up With Gf Naiyana Garth and Is With Naomi Campbell Now?

Idris Elba won big at the SAG Awards and took along his teen daughter Isan as his date. He’s brought his daughter to a lot of events in the past, so no one was really asking why his long time boo Naiyana Garth wasn’t there, but they should have been.

Garth and Elba have broken the f**k up, despite having a young child together, and he’s even moved out of their London home. Daaaamn. ¬†According to The Daily Mail:

News of their separation comes after the hunk was spotted enjoying a night out with supermodel Naomi Campbell. The handsome pair seemed to have linked up while Stateside and were pictured leaving the prestigious 1 Oak nightclub at the same time. The pair struck up a friendship in 2014 after he took part in Fashion For Relief charity event. The buddies remain supportive of each other, with Naomi taking to Twitter to publicly congratulate him on his SAG Awards win.”

Despite seemingly being the classiest man in existence, Idris Elba is known for a pretty dramatic private life. Before dating Garth, a previous girlfriend tried to pawn a child that wasn’t even his off on him.

I just hope he wasn’t up to something and this was a clean break. Don’t let me down Idris. Don’t break my heart. This has been a weird time for celebrity break ups, so who even knows? Is it a full moon or something?

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