Is Miranda Kerr Pregnant?

Miranda Kerr showed up to a recent SAINT LAURENT event looking a little plumper. Does Kerr have a Snapchat baby gestating inside? It’s very possible. Kerr wore a loose outfit that tried to hide her body, but didn’t do a good job. You can see something growing out of her.

Maybe it was a burrito from earlier. Or maybe she’s about to drop a billion dollar baby.

Too bad Evan Spiegel. Now she got you for 18 years. Bet you wish you could erase those 15 seconds when you squirted inside her out of your life right about now.

Miranda about to get paaaaaidd!

No more modeling, no more diets, easy street all the way now. Game over.

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8 years ago

Thought she had it with Orlando Bloom, then his career tanked. She then moved on to sure thing billionaires, and finally found her mark. Well played Miranda.

8 years ago

She is trapping him the same way she did Orlando, whom she was off and on with for 2 years until suddenly, they got married and 5 months later Flynn is born. What a gold digger! I suspect Orlando played it safe during their marriage. He only did small films cuz he knew when the marriage tanked, if he made a lot of $ she’d want half lol, I think he is back on track now and I think Miranda is toxic. I bet this guy does not marry her though.