Jared Leto Once Sent ‘Suicide Squad’ Cast a Dead Pig Delivered by Henchmen

After missing early filming of Suicide Squad, Jared Leto is doing his very best to prove he’s worthy of playing the Joker, not just to theater audiences across the nation, but to fellow cast members as well. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Voila Davis who plays Amanda Waller in the upcoming film, shares that Jared Leto had horrific and very specific gifts delivered to members of the cast.

He had a henchman in full costume, who had a dead pig and plopped it onto the table.

Attached was a video for the whole cast of a fully Joker costumed Jared Leto and Davis remembers being caught off guard and thinking:

Is this guy crazy or is this just the character?

This was only after Leto had already sent a live rat to his on-screen girlfriend Margot Robbie, who plays Harley Quinn, and a letter with bullets attached to Will Smith, who plays Deadshot. It’s only natural that Leto would feel the pressure of playing the Joker coming full force, as he will be the first Joker in eight years–following fucking Heath Ledger, arguably the greatest Joker of all time.

It’s all or nothing here, guys. The news of this kind of dedication only builds anxious anticipation for what could be the best superhero film of this decade. We’re just beyond the sixth month mark before the August 5 premiere! Yay!

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