Johnny Depp Plays Donald Trump in Hilarious New Funny or Die Movie, ‘The Art of the Deal: The Movie’

What does Johnny Depp’s face actually look like? Since coming to fame for his role in 90’s TV show, 21 Jump Street, Depp has done everything in his power to take roles only with extreme costuming. As a result, how can I possibly know for sure that his 2016 look is not just a costume and his face is not just a prosthetic? Now he shocks and surprises in his brilliant Donald Trump performance.

Even after a landslide victory in last night’s New Hampshire primary, the Donald is still the butt of some very severe jokes. A Trump-inspired erotic novel and countless memes have been just a few of the ways we, the sane and rational public, are trying to cope with the potential of Trump winning a 50% chance at becoming the president of the United States. Newest in the string of coping mechanisms, Funny or Die released a 50-minute Trump parody, The Art of the Deal: The Movie, starring none other than Johnny Depp.

The short film, based on Trump’s very own, “Art of the Deal,” was first pitched over the summer to Funny or Die editor-in-chief, Owen Burke, by comedy writer, Joe Randazzo. Liking the idea so much, the two took the pitch to co-founder, Adam Mckay, who gave them the go-ahead to contact Depp for furthering the project. It was by pure happenstance that Depp had already been meeting with McKay to pursue comedy collaborations. Things got rolling quickly according to Burke:

And then a month later we’re like ‘We’ve got to make this right away because he could go away at any second.’ And then he didn’t go away. It’s amazing [Trump’s] staying power.

As so we have it. Donning a fantastically terrible marigold hairpiece and matching raspy voice, Depp delivers the performance of a lifetime. Depp and the world have comedy have blessed us with another must-see film to add to our list of ways to poke fun at the evil that could potentially lead our nation for the next four years.

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