Justin Bieber Says He Can Totally Beat Up ‘Four Feet Tall’ Mexican People

Usually if you show up at a sacred site drunk and start pulling your ass out and trying to climb it, and get so fucking obnoxious that you have to be escorted out by security, you’d think an apology is in order.

Not when you’re Justin Bieber. He recently told GQ when asked about the incident:

“Me and my boys have been doing this thing where we moon each other whenever we take a picture. So [my friend] went to take my picture, and I mooned him. And I guess [the guards] thought that I was being disrespectful to the site or whatever. That’s not what I was doing.”

So, pulling out your ass at sacred Mayan ruins is in no way disrespectful? Ok, Beebz.

“I immediately was like, ‘Man, I didn’t mean any disrespect…,’ but they weren’t really having it. They were like, ‘No! You—this disrespectful!’ I said, ‘All right, cool—we’ll bounce.’ So I just walked out. I just knew it would escalate into something else. The dudes that were escorting us were like four feet tall, and I just wanted to… The old Bieber came back, and I wanted to smack them around a little bit. But I realized, you know what, obviously it looked bad, and it was disrespectful, because I was in their sacred area, showing my ass and stuff. But it was all in good fun.”

The old 11-year-old Bieber that gets drunk and fights people? What is he even talking about?

What a dick.

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