Kanye West Says Taylor Swift Was OK With Him Calling Her a ‘Bitch’ in His New Song

So, Kanye is always fighting/insulting everybody all the time. He not only insulted Taylor Swift in his new track “Famous” off his new release T.L.O.P. with the line,“I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / I made that bitch famous” referencing the first time he  famously insulted her at the MTV Music Awards, but then asked her to share it on her Twitter.

What a dick. No wonder Kanye and Taylor aren’t friends.

Of course Swift, who made a whole song desperately trying to prove that all the criticism she’s received doesn’t matter to her because she can “Shake It Off,” said no. When he initially had a conversation with her about it, she cautioned him about releasing misogynistic material, and didn’t even know the exact content of the lyrics.

Kanye, who lives in another universe, has decided that Taylor Swift greenlit his jab at her in an epic Twitter tantrum.

Like pulling the mic from her hands to say she didn’t deserve her award in front of millions of people wasn’t a diss?

Kanye’s mind is so beautiful.

The plot thickens.

Kanye’s ego planet is so fragile.

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