Karolina Kurkova Doesn’t Think Instagram Fame Is Fair, Says You Won’t Last in Her Industry

In a world where Twitter can work like LinkedIn and Instagram profiles double as portfolios, cultivation of online presence is a big part of how people are getting ahead these days in the arts and entertainment industries. In theory, it’s great. It levels the playing field. The opportunity becomes accessible for all people who have access to a smartphone. But according to international supermodel¬†Karolina Kurkova, it’s a danger to have all this accessibility.

The Czech model whose career has spanned sixteen years and counting sat down with¬†The EDIT¬†to divulge some of her harshest criticisms of the state of her industry. Kurkova rose to fame in a time where car phones were still the high-tech accessory. She didn’t have to worry about managing her social media presence, but she shares:

Now you can be famous so easily and it’s dangerous, it can mess with your head. People are coming from left and right with two million followers and, whether they say they’re a model or a stylist, they’ve never trained, never worked with anybody, never sacrificed anything.

Lack of experience is huge in any industry. Bringing all these ill-equipped figures into a high profile light can be daunting, but more important than the danger of new visibility for Internet sensations, Kurkova thinks their rise to stardom is unprecedented:

They’re taking work from people who gave up their time and energy to learn their craft

But it does come at a pretty steep price.

Who’s going to have the longevity? You might be cool right now, but how long will it last? Are people going to get tired of you?

With a lengthy career like Kurkova’s and no sign of it stopping, it seems her path has been paved by age old infrastructure. Meanwhile, the Instagram models Lil Wayne has been singing about haven’t found themselves with film roles, Victoria Secret wings or anything that can hold a flame to her success.

Would you rather have your 15 minutes or your 15 years?

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