Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Won That Oscar. Was It a Pity Oscar?

I know this Oscar post is a little late but you know what they say. Screw you! Anyway, on Sunday night, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won that Oscar he’s been searching for. If you bottled up his tears from past years, there would have been enough to erode a piece of gold into an actual statue.

Granted, the award seemed a little tainted. You could definitely make a very compelling argument that he handedly deserved that trophy and no one would argue that point in the least, but we’ll never know if this was a pity Oscar or not.

Either way, Leo doesn’t care. He got his golden statue. His post-Oscar speech to his friends probably went something like, “The Pussy Posse rides tonight!” And then a 25-year-old model rode him reverse cowboy into the sunset.

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