Leonardo DiCaprio Is Creeping Hard on Ex Blake Lively

During Ryan Reynolds’ kickass PR push for Deadpool, he and his wife Blake Lively went to the amfAR gala. Who else was there? Lively’s ex, Leonardo DiCaprio.

While thats’s pretty awkward, it gets even more awkward if the rumor is true that Reynolds “stole” her from DiCaprio, while they were still together, on a double date. Maybe that’s why Leo stared at her the entire night. According to Star,

“Every time Blake was in Leo’s line of vision, he was winking at her and grinning – Ryan was furious,” said a fellow partygoer at the Feb. 10 bash, adding that Blake didn’t do much to discourage Leo, with whom she has a fleeting romance in 2011.

“I’ll bet Blake loved it! She tried to pretend that she didn’t notice what was going on at the gala, but she totally did,” tattled the spy, adding that Reynolds managed to keep his cool: “If he wasn’t such a classy guy, he’d have gone over and knocked Leo out. But he didn’t want Leo to know he’d gotten to him.”

Honestly, I doubt this is real. For one thing, none of these people are in middle school. For another, Leonardo DiCaprio is only into middle schoolers.

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