Mark Zuckerberg Wants His Employees to Stop Crossing Out Black Lives Matter Signs in Their Offices

While most people can see that something fucked up and racist is happening in America, and get why the Black Lives Matter movement is a thing, Facebook’s notorious Menlo Park, Cali dude-bro squad has been going out of their way to be as low key Klan-tastic as possible.

In a private memo posted on the company announcement page for employees only (that worked out real good), Z-bergs asked the grown ass adults to stop scratching out “Black Lives Matter” and replacing it with “All Lives Matter” on walls.

Apparently, they even had a meeting about it, but I guess it’s really important to these mayo fucks to make sure that all three of the African-American people that work in the building know that their coworkers don’t think their lives matter.

Check out the least private ‘private message’ ever in the history of the world below.

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Matthew Engel
Matthew Engel
8 years ago

White lives matter… being they pay all the taxes

8 years ago

This is bad because … why? NOT “all” lives matter?