Oh Yeah…That’s How Hot Lily Aldridge Is

Lily Aldridge could slap me across the face and I’d still be thanking her for the opportunity. The drop-dead gorgeous supermodel has been all over this season’s Fashion Week circuit as per usual, but took a step away from the catwalk to pose for David Bellemare forĀ Lui.

In a photo spread that shows more of Aldridge than it does any article of clothing, what can you say when you’re left speechless? Her legs are longer than my entire 4’10” stature. Her body is carved from the same blessed marble as the gods atop Mount Olympus. She has me begging for a leather-clad BDSM experience followed by cuddling amongst enviable furs, pearls, jewels and lust.

I’m not objectifying, I’m appreciating, right?

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Matthew Engel
Matthew Engel
7 years ago

A face only a dyke could love