Paul McCartney & Beck Got Turned Away from Tyga’s Grammy Party

Paul McCartney, Beck and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters were looking to get turnt at Tyga’s Grammy after party at Argyle. Unfortunately, all they got was the sound of a sad trombone and the magic words that every non-famous person hears when they show up at a VIP entrance. “No.”

According to TMZ, bouncers at the party turned McCartney and friends away which caused McCartney to exclaim, “How VIP do we gotta get? We need another hit.”

The three ended up at Mark Ronson’s Republic Records party at Hyde Lounge instead. Which, a rep for Argyle explains, is where they were headed in the first place. There was just a little mix up and Paul left once he figured it out.

Right. Sure. It’s like that time in 4th grade when you asked if you could go to that popular kid’s birthday party and he told you the invitation was in the mail. Well, it’s Tuesday now and the party was last Saturday so WHAT THE HELL, MARK?! I didn’t want to go to your stupid party anyway. I went somewhere cooler called my grandma’s house. She showed me her awesome gnome collection for 5 whole hours!

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