People Think Amy Schumer’s Boyfriend Is Using Her for Fame

I get the feeling that this has more to do with Amy Schumer not being “Hollywood Hot” than it does with anybody actually giving a s**t about Amy Schumer.

I’m personally not an Amy Schumer fan, but you know if she looked underfed enough no one would be throwing this accusation around. She’s taken her new boyf, Ben Hanisch, to a lot of high profile places as her plus one. This is making people ask questions.

I have a question. If you are going to an event which requires or allows you to bring a plus one, and you have a significant other, why wouldn’t you bring them? Whether it’s to the Golden Globes or a family reunion, ideally you would want to bring your full time plus one, right?

He’s also been on her show, which is making people ask questions. As if every famous dude in the world doesn’t cram all his friends and the people he’s fucking into his projects?

Hanish’s failed past as an actor might also have something to do with it. Also his really excessive social media gushing. New couples are always disgusting though. So who even knows.


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