Rick Snyder Shows How Much He Cares About People of Flint by Throwing Secret Party Under Heavy Security While They Protest

Maybe Rick Snyder was too busy trying to decide on the perfect luxury brands to have slapped on his wife’s cake to notice that an entire city’s worth of people were being poisoned by lead.

I’ve heard of “let them eat cake,” but this is ridiculous.

Last week blogger Mark Maynard dropped some details about a secret gathering in downtown Ann Arbor, harboring only the most elitist of the elite:

The windows of the restaurant, I was told, had been “blacked out,” and there was security outside. The man who had rented it out, according to the person who first reached out to me, was apparently a wealthy politician who wanted to celebrate his wife’s birthday in private, far away from the prying eyes of his constituents, who were, at the very same moment, assembled on Main Street, demanding that he take immediate action to help the people of Flint.

As is generally the case these days, it didn’t take too long for word about what had taken place inside this lavish party to leak out. Within a few days, I’d be hearing about the ostentatious decorations, the banners, and the birthday cake, which, if you can believe it, was made to look like a diamond necklace draped over a Nordstrom’s box.

Nice of Rick Snyder to have his priorities straight.

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