Steven Yeun of ‘The Walking Dead’ Weighs In on the ‘Is Glenn Dead?’ Controversy

So, anybody remember that time we all spent weeks agonizing over whether or not Glenn had actually died next to that dumpster? Remember how he disappeared out of thin air from the show with zero closure and the producers even removed Steven Yeun’s name from the opening credits?

Were we being tortured? Yeah. Was Steven Yeun? Not so much. According to him, they were just trying to go for some good old-fashioned storytelling, and not screw with us at all. He recently told Entertainment Weekly:

“I never felt like our heart was at a place where we were trying to deceive the audience. Never were we like, “People are going to go crazy for this!” It was more just like, let’s tell this story and make it compelling and make it purposeful.”

Remember his social media blackout following his ‘death,’ well that wasn’t him trying to f**k with us all either.

“We live in a place where you can deduce what’s happening on a show based on whether the actor is present in a city or somewhere. And so, for me, again, it wasn’t coming from a place of, I’m going to deceive the audience.

Likely story.

It was coming from a place of, I don’t want to spoil anything for anybody on how you’re going to consume or take in this storyline.┬áSo the best way to do that is to literally say nothing, and just get off the accessible grid.”

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