Kate Compton Strips to Her Bra

I started off tagging this Kate Upton. That made me think, where IS Kate Upton? She’s disappeared from the news. That’s ok because there’s another huge-breasted, blonde model to take her place. We’ve written about Kate Compton before. And we’ll write about her again and again if she keeps us entertained with these pics.

She captioned this recent ‘gram with “This whiskey got me feelin pretty so pardon if I’m impolite.” Every guy wants to do impolite things with her. The whiskey’s just an excuse.

She’s also got some pics you should see, but start with this golden oldie.


Trying to ride the #MyCalvin train here. That blanket stuck between her legs needs to be washed later.

Here she is ass up. Also known as Friday night.

Did you know Kate Compton likes puppies? Only as props though.

That sweat. That vinyl. I feel like I can smell this photo from here.

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Capt. Cornhole
Capt. Cornhole
8 years ago

Do you think those lips ever deflate mid-cock sucking? One goes flat on the down stroke. Does she pull out the fix-a-flat?

8 years ago

*puts hands over face* Every time the Captain Cornhole speaks, the planet gets a little dumber…