Tila Tequila Trying Really Hard to Be Relevant by Being Racist and Stupid

I mean, it worked for Donald Trump, right?

Tila Tequila’s recent racist Twitter rants are pretty sad. After getting called out for using the N word, she posted a novel via tweets about how the music industry has brainwashed her to say the N word with their soundwaves (or something). She also pondered important philosophical questions like whether black people even drink coffee or not.

Now this small Asian gremlin is back with a new phone sex line she’s heiling Hitler up and down to promote for unknown reasons.

You don’t need to use Nazism to sell sex, Tila. Sex sells itself.

This is the point.

This is how far Tila Tequila is missing the point.


I dare you to stop trying to be controversial or something by churning out overused stereotypes. Gonna accept my challenge, Tila? lol

What does that even mean?

Holy s**t.

I hope Tila enjoys talking to inbred cow fucking white power hicks on her sex line because that is apparently the market where she belongs. Damnnn.

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