Timbaland Refused to Perform at Flint Charity Show After Being Brought the Wrong Champagne

Congrats to Timbaland for being the biggest douche in the universe.

I guess it is award season.

Timbaland threw a massive and expensive tantrum at the Flint charity show he was supposed to play at Club Blue Thursday night. When they brought him Dom Perignon instead of the $300 a bottle Ace of Spades champagne he requested, he refused to play.

At a charity show to get bottled water and filters to the people of Flint, Michigan, who have no access to running water, he refused to play because he was brought the wrong type of champagne.

Is it even possible to be that much of a cosmically ironic asshole?

Despite refusing to play, Timbaland and his crew hung out and polished off about 15 bottles of ¬†expensive liquor, which club co-owner Mitchell Jaworski pointed out to New York¬†Daily News “is extremely excessive especially for a charity event.”

Then after drinking the club dry, he stood on stage and nodded like a giant four-year-old during his set instead of playing.

While the club managed to raise $3000 for Flint without him, Timbaland is still the worst.

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