TMZ Trolled by a Parody Twitter Account

Update: TMZ says they talked to the real Edmond by phone.

TMZ got an EXCLUSIVE! (you know it’s important because it’s in all caps) interview with Ronda Rousey’s trainer Edmond Tarverdyan on Monday. By exclusive, I mean they DM’d him on Twitter and asked him a couple of questions. They also asked him to not to speak to any media outlets before they ran their story.

I’m not sure how much detail I should go into the backstory, but here’s a quick rundown. Ronda’s mom, AnnMaria De Mars, does not like Edmond at all. She thinks he’s a fraud and believes Ronda is better off training with someone with actual credentials. This was evident when Rousey got lit up in the Holly Holm fight and all Edmond told her was “good job, champ.” De Mars very recently reiterated her beliefs during an interview.

TMZ asked Edmond for a response to which he replied, “It’s just her opinion.” He added, “I’m just here to train Ronda and it really doesn’t matter.” Edmond went on, “Ronda knows who I am. I am her trainer and that’s really about it.”

But, there’s just one problem. TMZ was not talking to the real Edmond Tarverdyan. They were messaging a parody account.

Keith Jackson, interviewer and producer for TMZ sports, won’t be living this down any time soon. Knowing TMZ, they’ve given the greenlight to backhand Jackson in the balls all day tomorrow. Simple fact checking? Nah, takes too much time, bro.

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