Virgin Airlines Tells Kanye to Eat a Dick. Yea, That’s About Right

Virgin Airlines piled onto Kanye West over his recent Twitter freakouts. The pressure’s getting to Kanye. Supposedly he had a meltdown before his Saturday Night Live performance. Before that was his epic Twitter beef with Wiz Khalifa.

Virgin, probably hoping to look relevant, got into the game when they posted their own tweet.

kanye virgin eat a dick tweet

Virgin Australia wrote: “@kanyewest EAD you douche.” Ouch.

The airline later said they were investigating what happened. The tweet came from their account, but not their employee, so says Virgin. Huh? Oooook.

Their social media manager prolly got drunk last night and accidentally hit the send button. That’s obvi the most logical reason.

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He’s got the man-boob thing going on.


If he’s currently on antidepressants or antipsychotics, one of the side effects is weight gain for many of those treatments.

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