50 Cent Posed With Prop Money Amid Bankruptcy

50 Cent is chronically bankrupt. This is one of those facts of life. One he’s simply refused to accept. 50, who was born Curtis James Jackson III, is one of the biggest symbols of hip hop culture that we have still living, and yet he hasn’t been able to keep money in his pocket for the better part of this decade.

While everyone already knows that the man is broke, having filed for bankruptcy again in July 2015, he’s been persistent in trying to pull off the ruse of, well not being broke? And I mean, really… it does make sense. Here he is, one of the most quantifiably successful rappers in recorded history, a genre that widely celebrates the rise of the black man through money and material goods, but he hasn’t been able to hold it together. Since filing for bankruptcy, the rapper has posted photos to his Instagram page with more money than I’ve ever seen in cash.

If the irony of the situation is lost on you, it has not been for Judge Ann Nevins. The judge called out the rapper for hiding his assets in bankruptcy filing. In a written statement submitted to the court, the rapper admits to the money being fake:

Products and brands are now marketed through social media as an effective way to engage with consumers. Just because I am sensitive to the needs of maintaining my brand does not mean that I am hiding assets or that I have lied on my filings in this Bankruptcy Case, neither of which is true.

Maybe 50 should find himself a sugar daddy to help maintain his lush lifestyle and get him back on his feet. That or you know, he could revisit the badlands that gave him this career, give me the real bars I’ve been waiting for, and get back on top the old fashioned way.

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