Aaron Carter ‘Bullied So Badly’ He Won’t Vote for Donald Trump

Humans are a fickle contradictory bunch. People all over the world identify as life-loving humanist pacifists all day long until they enter the internet. Once on the internet, they abandon all morals because they’re tied to their handle and not the actual person. No one can hit you through your screen, so we say whatever we want.

Even your childhood idols are subject to bullying. And with the internet at your fingertips… don’t fucking listen to anyone. It does not get better. You will be bullied every day, everywhere by everyone for the rest of your life.

One of these childhood idols, Aaron Carter, just took a big bite of this reality when he was dumb enough to verbalize his support for Donald Trump. After receiving a slew of death threats and shame tactics, Carter stepped way back. Responding to probably one of the few positive tweets, Carter wrote:

He then went on a brief rant that could probably be used as a PSA for an after-school special on bullying. That’s where they put child stars, right?

We all know Carter fell off. We all know he has no hope of restoring relevance anywhere beyond the host of a cooking competition on the Food Network. So if there’s a moral to any story, let it be, don’t bully the idiot on the internet. He’ll destroy himself faster than you’ll ever be able to.

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