Alison Brie is Not Trudy Campbell and She Wants You To Know It

Some people still seem to think Alison Brie is wholesome and prissy like her characters onscreen. And well, if you’re misguided enough to believe that all people are exactly as they have been portrayed by others… let Alison Brie set you straight.

The 33-year-old dreamboat of a woman has been in the spotlight for years now. She’s starred in some of this generation’s most prolific television shows, including Mad Men and Community, but she hasn’t seemed to have aged or changed a bit.

Posing in couture gowns for The New York Posts, Alexa magazine, Brie wants you to know she’s more than her characters. She’s a sexpot of a human being with just as many weird episodes in her twenties as your everyday college slut. She’s engaged to Dave Franco for Christ’s sake… she’s more than Miss Priss.

In an interview with from years ago, she regales with tales of her twenties:

There was, of course, the girl-on-girl action, the crazy threesome with the afros and whips, and the surreal ‘shrooms experience where I thought the tree was fondling me but it turned out to be my creepy male roommate with calluses on his hands… gross. You get the picture. I developed this (possibly misplaced) sexual pride, based solely on the quantity of penetrations of my vagina… and not necessarily the quality of the acts therein.

Peep the shoot, but it’s not the first of its kind. It’s not even the first of Alison Brie’s career. She has an entire subreddit dedicated to the appreciation of her less than modest, less than wholesome shoots.

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6 years ago

*sighs wistfully in front of computer* Alison Brie. Please come back to TV.