Amanda Seyfried’s New Bae Ditched His Wife for Her

This just in: Amanda Seyfried is dating a man who was once married! Gasp. Omg! How could she?! What the f**k? Doesn’t anyone respect the sanctity of marriage anymore? It’s the gays… they did this.

Amanda Seyfried is in a new relationship with actor Thomas Sadoski, but he just ended an old one! has exclusively learned he was married when he met the gorgeous blonde A-lister, and only finalized his divorce a few months ago.

He used to be married to Kimberly Hope but knowing she was no one, he traded up for the infamous Amanda Seyfried. The upgrade was not without a couple broken hearts though. For the two to live happily ever after, Seyfried too had to drop her long term deadweight, He’s Just Not That Into You‘s Justin Long.

But as far as breakups go, this one went pretty smoothly. No tweets bashing each other, no prolonged proceedings with expensive legal fees:

Hope did not answer Sadoski’s petition, nor hire a lawyer, and so the divorce went into default and was granted on December 14, 2015, court records state.

Divorce finalized. All lights are green for go.

Sadoski and Seyfried then reconnected while filming The Last World in recent weeks.

While no one knows for certain if anything fishy happened before Sadoski’s December 2015 divorce or before Seyfried’s breakup, the new couple looks happy as ever awaiting the judgement of all people.

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