Catholic Priest Caught Doing Coke on Camera. Oh, and He Loves Collecting Nazi Memorabilia Too

In the biggest scandal to shock the Catholic Church since the events of Spotlight, one Irish-Catholic priest has been caught on candid camera snorting coke. And that’s our headline.

The priest, Father Stephen Crossan of St. Patrick’s Church in Banbridge, had invited a number of people over to his home on Parrish grounds where he then allegedly went on a 2-day beer, whiskey and cocaine binge. I’m a priest. Why shouldn’t I have a weekend just like anyone else? If the manic behavior of Father Crossan is of surprise to you, hold onto your seatbelts because not only was the Parrish home a hub for priestly benders, it was a Nazi memorabilia shrine. From a guest of Crossan:

It was all over the house. At one point Stephen put on a cap and did the Nazi salute.

A priest?! A priest did this?! Priests have shown to be of the utmost moral standard throughout history, having had no scandals break at any time, and have never tarnished the name of religion.

It’s shocking. He’s supposed to be an upstanding member of society. He shouldn’t be taking drugs.

Drugs are the story here. A priest did drugs. A priest was caught on video doing drugs. Oh how the mighty hath fallen. Nonetheless in a move not even the littlest bit surprising, the Church stands by him. The priest will be supported through all his issues. Bless.

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Prince Phillip Anon Harris
Prince Phillip Anon Harris
7 years ago

Finally, a Catholic Priest who’s normal like the rest of us.