Cara Delevigne Has Some Inspirational Words for Us, Oh Joy

In an essay on Motto, Cara Delevigne has the same s**t everyone else has to say about how there’s more important things than getting other people’s approval. Since her whole career as a model and actress is based on other people’s judgements and getting their approval, I am so fascinated and interested to hear her opinions.

I started modeling when I was 16. The odds were against me. At 5’8″, I was shorter than most girls in the business. Still, I gave it a shot, and like with most things in my life, I never gave up.


Over time, I came to realize that work and getting others’ approval isn’t the most important thing. Yes, your career is very important—but it’s not the most important. Of course I was proud of my accomplishments, but I wasn’t genuinely happy.

I love hearing richer, more successful, better looking people than me complain about how hard they have it. I just love it.

It’s taken time, but now I realize that work isn’t everything and success comes in many forms. I’ve opened my mind, and now I embrace new things with a childlike curiosity. I’m spending more time doing the stuff I love. And I’ve been able to do better work because of it.

Very happy for you Cara. Life is hell. Glad you’re over it. Not saying these aren’t good sentiments, but the whole thing reads a lot like she read a self-help book the night before and churned it back up. But, whatever works, I guess.

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