Marathon Mishap: Runners Accidentally Eat Soap at Finish Line

If you wanted another reason not to sign up for that marathon a year from now that your fit friend keeps trying to convince you is the best idea–you’re gonna love it, it’s a new life for you… a new high, they always say as if giving you a new drug is the best idea–let me give you a reason to say no.

This weekend was China’s annual Qingyuan marathon and in addition to the shitshow of galactic proportions when over 12 thousand people required first aid, but the runners who actually finished the race were fed soap. Soap. Volunteers at the race handed runners goodie bags packed with treats, likely from sponsors but some dip s**t thought that grape-scented soap was the perfect after 26 mile run treat.

The packaging on the soap very much resembled that of food. So all the people worn and weary from their masochistic elitist hobby unknowingly took bites. Wrappers full of soap with one bite taken out of it were strewn everywhere and if you’re asking me, the race management is lucky that it’s been 24 hours and no lawsuits have been filed for poisoning. The event organizers responded to the mishap in brief and responsible fashion. Per the BBC:

The packs of soap were indeed like food packaging. It is a negligent mistake on our part,” an official told Yangtse Evening Post.

And that’s how a bunch of people suddenly experienced the life of a My Strange Addiction subject. Who knows, maybe someone their new thing.

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