Colorado Movie Theater Shooter James Holmes Got the S**t Kicked out of Him in Prison

Nice. It’s a great week for scumbags getting beaten to a pulp. According to a prison official who spoke exclusively to ABC News:

Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes was not supposed to interact with other prisoners, but after a security gate was left open at just the wrong time, another inmate snatched an opportunity to attack the mass killer in the state penitentiary, even throwing punches as guards tried to pull the two apart.

Good. Kick his ass. Apparently, Colorado State Penitentiary staff have been keeping Holmes away from other prisoners because they knew this would happen, and one guy done goofed.

Documents obtained by ABC News show that, as Holmes exited the office of his case manager on Oct. 8, a prison staffer opened a sliding gate without realizing he was putting Holmes in close proximity with another inmate, convicted car thief Mark “Slim” Daniels. The officer escorting Holmes was unable to radio the officer controlling the gate “as his battery had gone dead,” according to a so-called “intelligence assessment” drafted after the incident occurred.

Right on, Slim.

Daniels, according to the reports, “ran through the slider, squeezing through as it was closing toward offender Holmes … Offender Daniels began hitting offender Holmes, in and around his head, with his fist.”

And what did Mark “Slim” Daniels have to say about this? He wrote a letter to Denver’s Westword newspaper saying that his only regret was not kicking Holmes’s ass even harder.


[Image: YouTube screenshot]

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