Dave Grohl to Ditch Foo Fighters to Go Solo?

Tonight might mark the end of the Foo Fighters. After a late night tweet from the band Tuesday night, or Wednesday morning depending on the state of your sleep cycle, many rumors are running through the mill, chief of which is the speculation that the band is breaking up for Dave Grohl to go solo.

As if Page Six has ever done anything more than feed into gossip, it’s been reported by a source close to the band:

The band is billing it as a ‘break,’ but it’s totally Dave going solo, and Taylor is pissed about it.

First Taylor Hawkins, the band’s drummer can’t get into a Grammys party hosted by Tyga and now he may be losing his meal ticket. Let’s face it – Dave Grohl is the band.

[Ed. note: Taylor Hawkins confirmed it in an interview released by Artisan News.

“We’re on ihateus right now, we’re on an indefinite ihateus,” Hawkins explained. He added that the decision “was not because we don’t love each other, or don’t want to make music together … We did so much in the last five or six years — we as a band could go into the studio tomorrow and have just as much fun as we ever had, but I think the world needs a break from us for a little while.”

The interview was done a month and a half ago, but Artisan News released it just now. Presumably to get those SEO points.]

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