Erin Andrews Got $55 Million From Her Peeping Tom Lawsuit

Erin Andrews sued the Nashville Marriott for $75 million where, in 2008, a stalker set up a camera in her peephole and filmed her walking around naked. After an eight hour deliberation, the jury came back Monday with a decision to award Andrews $55 million. The stalker, Michael David Barrett, will have to pay $28 million while the owner of the Nashville Marriott will have to pay $26 million.

Erin Andrews, who now works for Fox Sports and co-hostsĀ Dancing With the C-Listers, had taken the stand earlier and tearfully described how humiliated she felt knowing nude videos of her are out there.

Meanwhile, I put videos of my penis on the internet and they have only 10 views. And 9 of those are mine!

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