Expect More ‘300’ Films to Come From Zack Snyder

If you’ve ever paid attention to history ever, you know that 300 is one of the worst movies ever. But since most of us haven’t paid attention to history ever and because most of us have truly terrible taste in cinema, 300 didn’t just stop with one factually bankrupt film. There was 300: Rise of An Empire and soon… there’s probably going to be more.

In an exclusive interview with Collider300 and Batman v Superman director, Zack Snyder, said that more 300 films could be coming our way:

We’ve been talking a lot about sort of different incarnations of 300. We’ve been talking about is there a way, possibly, we move out of Ancient Greece and use it as a framing device for other conflicts that happened throughout history. I think I mentioned that we talked about the Revolutionary War version, and we talked about the Alamo, and we’ve talked about there’s a battle in China, a “Lost Legion” kind of concept, any of those kinds of things are on the table.

That’s not even a thoughtful metaphor. That’s here’s two events in history that we think are kinda cool. There’s no synthesis. There’s no thought. But at the same time, it’s not so bankrupt of thought that it looks they stopped trying. It tries too little to be considered a good movie, but it definitely tries too hard to be considered a good movie.

Collider really said it best:

You’ll notice that the stories have a similarity: a small, outmatched force goes up against a bigger one. Sometimes they win, as in the case of the Revolutionary War, and then other times it’s a tragic defeat like the Alamo. Will these narratives benefit if they’re done with speed-ramping, pro-war platitudes, and loads of CGI blood? I’m not sure.

But I implore you to question: what’s the point of these movies? They contribute nothing to art. They don’t continue intelligent discourse. They’re not fulfilling the lifelong dream of seeing your childhood comic book hero come to life in a newly reimagined way. They’re solely contributing to the rot of our brains.

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Matt Dempsey
Matt Dempsey
8 years ago

300 – the movie directed by Zack Snyder – is based on the graphic novel 300 by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley. It was never intended to be historically accurate. It is a work of fiction, inspired by historical events.