Fake Governor to Become Fake Judge

Is this chick’s 15 minutes up yet? Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, has set her sights on TV. Not a talk show per se. No, Palin will play a judge in a reality courtroom show. Since Palin doesn’t have a juris doctor degree, she can’t actually be a real judge. In fact, let’s just call her an arbitrator on this show.

The onetime vice presidential candidate has been tapped to preside over a planned reality court show that would premiere next year, if it gets picked up by stations. She signed a deal in February with Montana-based production company Warm Springs, a source close to the process tells PEOPLE.

“Palin’s telegenic personality, wide appeal and common sense wisdom make her a natural for this kind of format and she was Warm Springs’ top pick for this project.”

Perfect. Her ‘common sense wisdom’ will replace the grasp of legal facts required by an actual judge. Just like how she scammed her way into politics, she’ll scam her way into the courtroom. How much do you wanna bet her audience won’t even realize she’s not a real judge? If you take a look at her supporters, a whole lot of idiots, that’s how many.

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John Lucky
John Lucky
8 years ago

Fake man becomes fake blogger…the story of the blemish