Farrah Abraham Claims She’s More Famous Than Kim Kardashian, Somebody Remind Me Who She Is Again?

In a recent interview, Farrah Abraham (seriously, who is she?) compared herself to Kim Kardashian, and said that she even “surpassed” her.


Oh yeah, she’s that chick from Teen Mom. The really bitchy one. Makes sense that a chick deluded and useless enough to think that having a baby at the age of 12 is a good call also thinks she’s more famous than the most deluded and useless famous person of all time.

On a recent interview with the Nik Richie Podcast, this idiot did some hardcore stretching to convince the host that she was on that Kardashian level.

“I’ve been beating out Kim on a lot of things… I think I’ve surpassed her in certain aspects. Then again, I conduct myself and my brand in a different way and my life in a very different journey.”

That’s almost cute Farrah. No one will ever surpass the Kardashian-Jenner axis of evil. Least of all not some reality TV teen breeder who is literally the worst.

“I think I’m doing very well, if not better.” 

Way to try and fail to start a beef for attention, kid.


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