First Trailer for ‘War Dogs’ Drops, It’s Probably Fine, You’ll Probably Like It

Jonah Hill is about to co-star in a movie without Channing Tatum. Can you believe it? Standing in for Channing Tatum is the charming, cloyingly sexy and easily embarrassed, Miles Teller. He seems like a good stand-in.

The two star in the upcoming Warner Bros. production, War Dogs. It’s a comedic drama about two overly ambitious arms dealers for the United States government before everything inevitably falls apart in a way that’s supposed to bring us comfort in that it’s not our life?

What’s apparently being described as a continuing celebration of Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street kind of looks like No Country For Old Men meets 21 Jump Street. Simply put, it’s going to be another bro film. It’s a film made by bros for bros about bros. From the dudes who brought you The Hangover, here’s another loosely ‘based on a true story’ film with a Bradley Cooper appearance and appropriately placed samples of rap music during times of action.

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