Foo Fighters Mock Breakup Rumors With Nick Lachey as the New ‘Dave Grohl’

Yesterday came word that Foo Fighters had a major announcement. Of course, everyone assumed they were breaking up. After 20+ years, why wouldn’t they? They’ve gone from alternative rock to classic rock. Next stop, the county fairground circuit.

In classic Foo style, they released a seven minute long video poking fun at the breakup rumors. Dave Grohl ruminates on his new beginnings as a solo artist and says of the band that he’s actually “setting them back.” Meanwhile, the rest of the Foos pore through a list of suitable Grohl replacements. Billy Corgan, Sammy Hagar, Justin Bieber and a few others sure to make you chuckle.

That’s when they lock onto Nicky Lachey. Welcome your next frontman of Foo Fighters. Lachey pops in and does a 98 Degrees style cover of “Everlong”. The Foos earnestly play along around him.

You know what? That Lachey cover isn’t bad. The whole video is worth a watch.

It ends with a message across the screen: “For the millionth time, we’re not breaking up and nobody’s going fucking solo.”

That means only one thing. Foo Fighters indeed are breaking up.

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