Gawker Owes Hulk Hogan $115M, Could Go Up to $460M

Hulk Hogan won his lawsuit against Gawker on Friday. He was awarded $115 million in compensatory damages. $15 million over the original $100 million. According to TMZ, that number could swell to half a billion. Next week the jury will decided how much punitive damages he should be awarded. That part is the not so good part.

The Florida Supreme Court generally tolerates punitive damage awards that are 2 to 3 times the amount of compensatory damages. Anything more than 3 times is dicey … the Court often slices excessive judgments down to size.

But 3 times compensatory damages would be a whopping $345 million, added to the $115 mil compensatory judgment, that would give Hulk a grand total of $460 million.

Gawker has already stated that they would appeal. However, that doesn’t mean much in Florida because you still have to post bond for your judgement before you’re allowed to file anĀ appeal. Gawker was recently valued at around $220 million. The judgement could wipe out Gawker. On top of that, Nick Denton and A.J. Daulerio could be found personally liable.

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Perry F. Bruns
7 years ago

Does this mean that Tampa residents could launch a class action suit against Hulk for defamation after the crap he said defending his racism? I mean, the sex tape damaged the reputation of one man. He dinged the reputation of an entire city–admittedly, we’re not exactly known for our great record on racial equality, but he made us in the 1970s sound worse than Mississippi in 1956.

7 years ago

Butt hurt much. No one gives a f**k what happened 46 years ago.

Chaz Gomez
Chaz Gomez
7 years ago

Personally I think Gawker should die and burn in hell… After all they exposed the world to a sex tape with Hulk Hogan…