Girl Kicks Out Maryland Basketball Player After Sex and Snapchats the Whole Thing

It’s been a really hard week for basketball players and women. Ever heard of the stereotype that women bang professional athletes for child support payouts and false rape accusations? Well, here’s to one woman’s misguided, yet pragmatic, thinking and here’s to 25 more years of people resenting a woman with a plan.

We live in a time where we document everything on social media and solidify the details and witnesses via text message. So, few things slip through the cracks.

One horny University of Maryland basketball player with the best name in the entire world, Diamond Stone, got caught with the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of the Nudes,’ also known as some girl named Reyna. She invited the basketball player over, apparently they had terrible sex, so she decided to put him on blast on Snapchat before kicking him out.


He hurt my pussy, came kinda fast & got it in my hair. That’s why.

But Reyna, the pragmatic thinker that she is, saw the silver lining of the bad sex. Instead of justifying it to her friends with an oh well… life experience, Reyna hoped she would be pregnant in hopes that the Maryland basketball star lands an NBA contract this year.

Hey, if you think any amount of money is worth carrying a parasite in your perfect body for 9 months only for it to continuing leaching off of you until you die… good for you?

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6 years ago