Ian McShane Announces This Fan Favorite ‘Game of Thrones’ Character Is Coming Back

We’ve watched a whole lot of people die on Game of Thrones, usually violently and with a fair share of gore. But in a recent interview on BBC Breakfast, Ian McShane does what every Game Of Thrones actor is trained to do: give as little information as possible clothed in as many cryptic hints as you can muster. Their salaries depend on meeting a quota of the released tidbits.

In his delicious accent, McShane drops us this gold nugget and SPOILER. He shares:

I can give you one hint: My character is an ex-warrior who’s become a peacenik… I bring back a much-loved character everybody thinks is dead.

Let’s say it because we’re all thinking it. Jon Snow! Jon Snow! Jon Snow!

McShane says Jon No! He toyed with his explanation to BBC Breakfast‘s host, Naga Muchetty, by making her guess. Muchetty claiming that there could be only two logical possibilities, the Hound or Jon Snow:

It’s not the latter, it might be the former.

Well… we will see. And surely, hold onto your hats until April as the speculations and spoilers continue to pour out from fans and cast alike.

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