Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey Are About to Make ‘Dark Tower’ Sexier Than Stephen King Ever Dreamed

If you’ve been on the earth for any length of time, you know that Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series has been trying to take live-action form for quite some time. Now, it’s about to become the hottest movie since Mad Max: Fury Road.

While not much is known of the film and its alleged production, Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba have been cast as the story’s villain and hero. Omg. Fuego. I don’t even have to care about anything else and I love these books. I care when books are made into films. Is there still going to be substance? Are they going to maintain story integrity? Are they going to ruin everything I hold dear? But I don’t give a f**k. Both these men are about to take their signature forms of foxy, over-muscled figures of my ideal man and I can’t wait to see it in the inevitable IMAX 3D exposure.

If we are concerned with substance though, and I’m not, the film is going to be a cinematic feat to say the least. According to Uproxx:

The question now becomes how they’re going to adapt what might arguably be the one of the stranger fantasy series in American literature. King’s novels, drawn from a line from King Lear and a poem it inspired, mixed elements of Westerns, alternate realities, postapocalyptic science fiction, horror, and even metafiction, with Dark Tower books having ties to a fair chunk of King’s other work and his personal life to boot.

Dope. If casting is headed in the direction I believe it to be, we’re in for the sexiest movie franchise in history. Monitor your blood pressure.

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