Is Khloe Kardashian Plagiarizing Her Tweets?

The Kardashians work in this world because they don’t try to be anything that they’re not. Paris Hilton would still be with us if not for her unfortunate venture into the music industry. The Kardashians are meant to be because they are unapologetically and perhaps painfully always on brand.

They’ve never been funny… because they’re not meant to be funny. We don’t expect to find the Kardashians at the forefront of comedic Twitter. But what they have been since their inception has been a well-oiled machine of appropriation. Their culturaal appropriation is obvious with every Instagram post, but their intellectual appropriation has been more in the background. Why? Because no one sees them as intellectuals. Tweet theft is so commonplace, it’s been impossible to tackle.

Khloe, 3rd sister in line and beloved Kardashian, has taken to Twitter recently to tweet her humorous burning questions. Problem is any person with half a brain and internet access can tell they are blatantly forged from Yahoo Answers.

Alright, I’m a critical cunt so let’s switch this up. I’ll be nice. To be fair, these are questions we’ve all had before. To be fair, she never claimed they were her own. To be fair… she should have cited her sources.

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6 years ago

Who cares.