Jared Fogle Gets the S**t Kicked Out of Him in Prison

Even other criminals hate pedophiles. Especially ones as proud of it as Jared Fogle. He’s getting his ass kicked left and right.

According to TMZ, Fogle got jumped in the rec yard at Colorado’s Englewood prison by Steven Nigg, a 60-year-old man in for a weapons charge.

What’s it like to get the s**t kicked out of you by an old man, you kid diddling f**k?

Nigg took him down on January 29th, leaving him with a bloody nose, a swollen face, and a scratched-up neck. Apparently the only thing on Nigg was some scratches on his hand from delivering a righteous beating on Fogle’s smug face.

Nigg was put in solitary as punishment, but they should have given him a medal.

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