Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Headed for Divorce, Two Are ‘Already Living Separate Lives’

Jennifer Aniston has had the worst luck with relationships on and off the screen. We all thought she might have seen the end of those woes when she finally wed actor and hunk Justin Theroux last year. My rare optimism takes a massive hit with news that the fairy tale hasn’t panned out to be.

A source close to the couple divulged some serious information on the inner-workings of the newly weds, and doesn’t seem to paint the best picture for the future. According to the source:

[Jennifer and Justin] remain at complete odds over everything, from how much time they spend together to where they should live. She loves LA, he’ll take Manhattan.

It sounds like the beginning of the plot to The Break Up… at least they didn’t have kids involved in that mess. This could have been a whole lot worse.

She and Justin were halfway through the process of adopting twins — a boy and a girl – and were hoping to bring the kids home in the next couple of months, but their plans came to a halt when they started having problems.

Aniston seemed to be gung-ho for her new life with new hunk, even building a new nursery in her home. Theroux, though, seems to have been pulled the brakes:

Justin’s apathetic when it comes to marriage. Jen’s starting to realize that, too.

Seems like a case of why the f**k did you get married then? But who cares. Emotional damage builds character. Perhaps our Jennifer can turn this boat around and rename her life movie, The Switch. She sure has the millions to back up a strong, independent, womanly lifestyle of her own. And with the two reportedly living separate lives already, just seven months into marriage, she seems to be well on her way.

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