Jennifer Lawrence Sleeping With the Boss?

Jennifer Lawrence is now playing more than one role in Darren Aronofsky’s life. Lawrence, the Academy Award winning actress, who’s 25, is rumored to be sleeping with the boss, Darren Aronofsky, age 47. Although there’s a 22-year age difference, the two have been working in close quarters and will likely continue to do so on Aronofsky’s latest film as many of Lawrence’s directors are repeat offenders. Both parties are single and consenting adult individuals working within an industry they both are well versed so this could be a good match.

Garbage magazine and untrustworthy source, In Touch Weekly, first reported the story:

Jennifer Lawrence is Darren Araonofsky’s [sic] leading lady – in more ways than one! A source tells In Touch that J-Law, 25, is secretly dating the 47-year-old director, an Oscar nominee who has a son with his ex Rachel Weisz.

“It started when they were in early discussions about the project. They began flirting, and soon they were hooking up. Now it’s getting serious,” says the source, adding that everyone on the set of the film (which is currently untitled) is buzzing about the romance.

“Jennifer and Darren think they’re being sneaky, but it’s all anyone can talk about!”

While everyone else may be trying to keep the affair on the DL, In Touch has demonstrated no previous qualms with breaking moral and ethical bounds. If Gawker goes under like anticipated, just know it’s only the head of the snake. Dozens more will step up to the plate, and In Touch might just be first in line for the ascent.

[H/T Celebitchy]

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curiouser and curiouser
curiouser and curiouser
6 years ago

Since the rumor of this ‘relationship’ supposedly stems from their flirting ‘on the set’, and since filming for the project hasn’t started yet, this is even more clearly nonsense than these rumors usually are.