Jessica Lowndes and Jon Lovitz Thought They Tricked Everyone

Over the weekend, Jessica Lowndes started posting grams of her and Jon Lovitz together. The idea was to convince everyone they were finally going public with their relationship.

The only people who didn’t cough “bullsh*t” are the type of people who believe “gullible” isn’t in the dictionary.

So, can it really be called trolling if no one believed it to be true? It’s like when you tell your friends you’re banging a Victoria’s Secret model. They just sort of snicker at you and feel sorry for you.

What was all this manufactured publicity for then? Jessica Lowndes, who’s been trying to break into the music scene, released a new video for her single Deja Vu. The video is all about her blowing Jon Lovitz in his car and shoving her finger up his butt while Blind Date-ish info bubbles pop up everywhere. I don’t understand how any of this makes sense.

Let me save you the trouble of watching this video with one screenshot.

There. You’re welcome.

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