John Travolta Forbids Women from Massaging Him, Only the Strong Hands of Men Will Do

Another John Travolta story that allegedly links him to loving a man’s touch. When he’s not cruising gyms late at night, he enjoys a nice massage from men of course.

A source told Page Six about Travolta’s peculiarities and requests. Feel free to pretend to be surprised by any of them.

According to the source:

Man hands only, please: One of the actor’s requirements in his current hotel rider is that “he needs a male masseur,” a source exclusively tells Page Six.

Travolta fears pap shots: “The People v. O.J. Simpson” star also requires hotel staff to put up aluminum foil and dark curtains to black out the windows, so no one can see in…

Travolta follows weird Scientology rules: Additionally, Travolta, 62, brings his own sheets and requires that the hotel room be empty for 24 hours before his arrival, in order to avoid anyone else’s scent lingering behind, our source added. Travolta is a Scientologist, and all members of the church must reject scents…

Stop right there. Are we sure bringing his own sheets isn’t so he can take his ejaculate away with him? Don’t want any hotel staff paid off by TMZ to flip crusty sheets over to the gossip hounds.

Travolta’s favorite massage service: A recent National Enquirer report linked Travolta to massage therapist they called Edward, who runs a business called “Man 2 Man Massage,” a service Edward says consists of “a roving gang of unlicensed massage therapists.”

Haha. A roving gang of masseuses jacking off every closeted gay celeb in Hollywood. Do they wear masks like Zorro also? That’d be epic. Fastest hands in the West.

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