Katt Williams Charged Following His Fight With That 17-Year-Old

Katt Williams has been on a serious reign of terror roughly since the beginning of 2012 and he’s shown no signs of slowing down. If it’s a bit, I’m not picking up what he’s putting down… and if it’s a bit, then he’s willing to risk it all with multiple pending lawsuits and assault charges looming. Most recently, he got into a fist fight with a 17-year-old while visiting a local Gainesville school for a pick up soccer game in Georgia.

Following the fight and its subsequent viral moment, a judge has issued warrants for the arrests of both Williams and the kid (charged as an adult), Luke Walsh. Williams is under the most heat because the fight and foul language found in the video violates his conditional bond for the alleged assault of one of his bodyguards.

Stay tuned for the inevitable s**t show that comes from Williams’ most recent show at Barclay’s Center, where in Trump-violence inspiring fashion, he challenged his audience to fight him.

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