Don’t Ever Lose Consciousness Around This Nurse

Dick pics are our primary evil in society today. They’re a nuisance, often sent unsolicited and they’re just another avenue for a man to expect worship for his XY chromosomes. Well, we now know there’s at least one person on the planet who enjoys dick pics.

Kristen Johnson, an upstate New York nurse, has pled guilty to the misdemeanor office of unlawful surveillance for having taken unsolicited photos of a male patient’s penis while he was unconscious.

Upon agreeing to three years probation and surrendering her nursing license, the 27-year-old gets to live a life free of felony conviction.

Per the New York Post:

Johnson was arrested last May following a nine-month investigation launched by the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office because her colleagues reported that she had sent them inappropriate cellphone pictures multiple times.

I’m sure this was a funny experience for her. I’m sure it would be just as funny for her had a male nurse compromised her trust.

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