Redditors Share Stories About the Biggest Celebrity Assholes

Once in awhile you get pretty interesting stories from Redditors when you ask them somewhat mundane questions like “Which celebrity is a complete asshole.” If you’ve read this site long enough, none of the people listed here is a surprise. But let’s rake them over the coals anyway because f*ck them. A few of these stories are hilarious, others are unbelievable and some do a complete 180 and tell us how awesome other celebrities can be.

Michael Jordan is probably the biggest asshole. This is widely known. But did you know Charles Barkley is a saint?

Westfunk: I have a waiter friend who took care of Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley once. Apparently MJ told him that the privilege of waiting on them was his tip. Barkley slipped him a hundred on the way out and apologized.

Foobzy: I met Barkley. He’s a man of the people and isn’t above anyone. I just happened to catch him walking into a hotel. I stuck my hand out and said, “Hey sir Charles” and he shook my hand. I asked him if he was going to the bar and he turns around says, “Yeah” while walking in.

Later on, he was buying everyone in the bar shots and I’m going to assume he left a nice tip.

Michael Bay is sort of a dick too, but this is no surprise considering he made Megan Fox audition for him by washing his car and then Fox penned a letter calling him Hitler.

CalibratedChaos: Michael Bay. When I lived in LA, every person I knew in the in the entertainment industry, EVERY ONE, had at least one, unique story about what an unnecessarily ridiculous, raging asshole Michael Bay was for absolutely no good reason.

Christopher Walken. Probably not an asshole.

GeneralUrsaMinor: Goes either way depending on who you were in the situation. My dad met Christopher Walken in a bar, but it wasn’t under pleasant circumstances.

Basically, Walken had been doing SOMETHING in the area (my dad has no clue what) and he walked in to the bar around 8 or 9pm. My dad wasn’t that old, maybe in his 30s tops. So this was about 20 years ago or so.

As soon as Walken sits down, people at the bar start mobbing him for autographs, grabbing shitty stained napkins, baring skin, whatever it’d take to get his autograph.

He just stood up angrily, shouted something akin to “F**k off! All of you! Leave me the f**k alone!” And then pointed to my dad and said, “But give that guy a drink on me. He’s the only one who didn’t give a s**t.”

…or something to that effect. My dad doesn’t believe in being starstruck, so he kinda just went, “Neat, Christopher Walken,” and continued watching tv.

Catherine Zeta Jones. Maybe it’s because she’s bipolar.

Savageyouth: My sister-in-law worked on on Capitol Hill and she has a lot of stories about politicians. Those who are actually nice and those who suck are surprising sometimes. Celebrities come up to the hill a lot to pitch for whatever charities or issues they support. She said Angelina Jolie was incredibly kind, while Catherine Zeta Jones yelled at her for being a “liar” when she asked for an autograph for her little sister and refused to give it to her (she accused my SIL of wanting an autograph for herself).

Spike Lee. He just seems like an insufferable twat.

Bunnymud: My friends brother was having his wedding in N.O. and booked a suite in a posh hotel well ahead of time. Come the day they were to check in they were told the room wasn’t ready and “Sorry about the wait.” Fine, no problem. They waited in the lobby while the room was getting fixed up and none other than Spike Lee showed up at the front desk saying something to the effect of “I don’t care if I only booked until this day. I want to keep the room longer!” They told him it was pre-booked and he pulled the “Do you know who I am?” line. They did and didn’t give a s**t. He was sent walking. My friend sent me a lovely picture via cell phone of the ordeal.

Then there’s Mickey Mantle who was brought down a notch by someone who had absolutely no idea who the hell he was.

Anon33249038: My my great grandmother was a nurse at a hospital and a baseball player had come in to visit some kids for some low key PR thing. She wasn’t a baseball fan so she had no clue who he was. He told he was there for whichever room he had to be in. I remember the conversation verbatim because of how often she told it.

G: What’s the name?
M: You telling a joke or something?
G: No. I need your name for the register.
M: You don’t know who I am?!
G: Do you know who I am?
M: No…
G: Well, how do you do, my name is Adeline, what’s yours?
M: [scoffs] Mickey Mantle.
G: And how do you spell it?
M: Christ, lady! maybe you didn’t hear me…Mick-ey Man-tle.
G: maybe you didn’t hear me, how…do…you…spell…it?
M:[long pause, gritted teeth] M…i…

She went home that night and told her husband what had happened and she said that there was a famous guy there that she didn’t know who he was and he was really mad about it. Grandpa Al asked who it was. She told him it was like some baseball guy and she didn’t know, and he was a total jackass. His name is Mickey something. Grandpa Al’s response: “MICKEY GOD DAMN MANTLE?!”

Madonna. Pretty sure this goes without saying.

Cptcakes117: f**k madonna. I had to work two of her shows a few years back. She cancelled one about an hour AFTER it was supposed to start and the second one she was three hours late getting on stage for. The whole arena was fucking pissed at her.

Sidekicknicholas: A friend of mine worked for a fancy hotel near a major concern venue … when Madonna was coming to town they had to repaint the entire floor she would be staying on for two days or she threatened to cancel the concert and blame the hotel. Apparently their paint color choice had bad juju or some s**t.

Kevin Spacey is like a frat bro asshole.

Pilgrim_pastry: My aunt was once an aspiring actress and was classmates with a bunch of now-famous actors at Juliard. She told me a story about Kevin Spacey, and this time he invited these two homeless men out for dinner at a really nice upscale restaurant. They went, and they had a really nice meal. After they ate, Kevin Spacey invited the two of them up to his hotel room, and they refused saying they were grateful for the meal but didn’t want anything else. He told them that was fine, and that he needed to use the bathroom. He then ditched them there to pay the bill. Apparently he told this story to a bunch of people in his year, thinking it was a funny way he pranked a couple homeless guys. It really disappointed me when she told me this, because it was right after usual suspects and I thought he was fantastic in it.

Mariah Carey. Huge diva. Who would have guessed?!

Tr3v3336: I was working as a PA at the time and a friend of mine knew her assistant. So I get a call from said assistant to see if I wanted to make some extra money and help set up her house she was renting while she was in LA.

We were supposed to start at 10 am. So I show up at 9:30 and there’s about ten people standing in the driveway. I ask what’s up and they say “They won’t let us inside”.

One of these ten people was her manager, one was someone very high up with Virgin records (basically her boss) and the other was the nanny with her (Mariah’s) two kids. None could go in. Not even her own children.

We waited outside until 1:00….3 hours standing around and waiting because she’s still sleeping. So we go inside and her assistant comes up to me and another PA and we are told “Don’t look at her. If she comes into the room you’re in leave. If you don’t I have to ask you to leave.”

This turns into basically a game of hide and seek while we’re trying to set up the little princess’s house.

Around 7:00 the assistant asked us if we were hungry and she was going to order something. She asks if we like steak and of course we say “Hell yeah!”

So she orders take out from Mortons steakhouse. A pretty damn nice place, around 50 bucks per steak, for the rest of the people there. At least there would be some good food at the end of this. Maybe she’s not a huge bitch after all. So fricken nice of her to do that for us.

So the other PA and I are finishing up upstairs and everyone else is downstairs eating. We finish up and head down to the kitchen and mariah is there.

We make sure not to look at her and wash our hands. As we turn around she is cutting up the two steaks left for us, and feeding them to her fucking dogs. Then she looks at us and says “You guys can get something on your way home. They were hungry”

The assistant pulls us aside, asks us if we’re finished, then handed us each 80 dollars. The agreed amount was 200 each. And says she’ll get the rest to us. She never did.

TLDR : She fed her dog my steak

Topright: She wouldn’t walk up a flight of stairs to the president’s office for an interview on MTV UK. A Winniebago had to be hired there and then to conduct the interview on the forecourt.

All staff were forced to stop what they were doing and clap her in to the building. Jesus Christ, it’s fucking MTV ! The staff see A-list music artists day in day out. And they’re at fucking work trying to do their jobs.

Oh, and puppies had to be bought from the local pet shop so she could look sweet and soft as she played with them while being interviewed. One of them bit her.

There are many more stories in the thread. A few you may have heard before and a few you may have not.

And yea, using Keanu Reeves as a header pic is ironic considering he’s the nicest celebrity in the world. He makes Mother Theresa look like a raging bitch.

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