Schoolteacher Fired After Parents Find Her Hot Modeling Pics

21-year-old Gemma Laird was a teaching assistant at Bloemfontein Primary in the UK for one week before getting fired because some salty dumbass parent peeped her lingerie modeling pics, like this one:

Laird moonlights as a lingerie model for Lexi Fashions in her spare time. She said that not only was she doing a good job at the school, but that the school knew about her side job when they hired her. Later, they claimed that she was gonna give the school a bad rep and make the kids feel bad about themselves after a week and kicked her to the curb.

That’s some bullshit. Like good luck finding a troll to hire to replace you sexist fucks.

I hate parents. Like your shitty kid has probably jerked off to particularly curvy peppers by this point, and lives in a media age where half of commercials look like fucking porn. Chill your nips.

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7 years ago

“Like good luck finding a troll to hire to replace you sexist fucks.” Like good luck finding a thesis sentence to support, you illiterate rubes.

7 years ago

No idea why anyone cares what anyone does in their off time… Is she taking the shots at school with students? If not, get over it.